Tom Seely Furniture Collection


A pioneer in the antique business, Tom Seely has spent a lifetime valuing the craftsmanship of Early American cabinetmakers, recognizing a love and integrity in their work and developing an eye for the simple sophistication of their designs.

Tom’s fascination with antique furniture began after his return to America from World War II. Back then, many people thought of Early American furniture as simply used furniture. Tom saw it differently, recognizing a refinement of design and construction that mass production failed to match.

In the early 1950s, Tom opened an antique store next to his home in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia. Behind that store, he kept a small workshop where he repaired, refinished and stored items that he collected from the surrounding countryside. By the mid-1960s, Tom watched the demand for antiques outgrow supply.

Recognizing this shortfall, he began to make reproductions of his favorite antiques, focusing on creating new furniture that emphasized lasting design and construction. As customers increased, Tom enlisted the help of other local craftsmen, and the business grew into the Tom Seely Furniture we know today—where solid wood furniture is still crafted by hand, one piece at a time, using the same fine woodworking techniques employed by early cabinetmakers prior to the 20th century.

We still believe that the quality of our furniture, in both its design and construction, comes from our appreciation of the past – an appreciation embodied by our founder.

Back in the mid-1950s, Tom’s sister took this picture just before he left for California to sell not only his antiques, but also the van and trailer as well. He returned home by train, $200 wealthier.